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2013 Annual Dinner         2013  Alrewas Chindits Monument service
2015 Annual Dinner

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2015 Annual Dinner

2014 Annual Dinner

2013 Annual Dinner

2013  Alrewas Chindits Monument service

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Chindits Memorial photo  Stephen Evans LBIPP

Armed Forces Reunions
& The Chindits

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The Chindits Old Comrades Assocition
Annual Dinner 6th  June 2015

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reunion 6th June 2015  is shown opposite in the navigation column

Chindits at Lichfield Cathedral  stephen evans of shenstone
This website is run by Stephen Evans Photography to give people better access to photos from Chindit Old Comrades events.

The Chindits were an elite international  allied force who went behind Japanese lines in World War 2 and helped to bring the war in the East to an earlier end.
Many books been written about their bravery and heroic deeds and that of their commander Major-General  Orde Wingate DSO.

This page is dedicated to those men and in promoting in the public's  memory, continuing recognition  of those heroes who did their duty and saw all manner of hardship and horror facing a brutal war-time enemy. 

The task of photographing the  surviving Chindits and their  families at reunions has been   an honour.  Sadly the 6th June 2015 marked the winding up of COCA, however will continue to remember the wonderful old soldiers.

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